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May 2023

Cover image for article on probiotics and moo disorders with a young man looking out a window in black and white

Probiotics and Mood Disorders

Medically Reviewed by: Chris Duncombe, M.D. There are a number of physical health conditions that may be successfully treated with probiotics. These include reducing the risk of

Graceful Aging with Probiotics

Aging can feel like a slow decline in your abilities. One of life’s greatest challenges can be learning to adapt to these changes and how

Photo of bifidobacterium breve microorganisms which have probiotic qualities for humans

Bifidobacterium Breve

Medically Revied by: Chris Duncombe, M.D. There are various types of bacteria that live within the human intestinal tract, some of which have a mutually

Align Probiotic

Align Probiotic Align contains only one probiotic culture, Bifidobacterium Infantis, which is both highly studied and effective. This particular strain has been shown to be

Spring Valley Extra Strength Probiotic

Spring Valley Extra Strength Probiotic While not the most thorough or potent probiotic supplement on the market, we had to give Spring Valley an acceptable

Which Probiotics Benefit Women the Most?

A wave of new studies and meta-analyses shed light on why probiotics have so many health benefits for women and which strains have the benefits