The Top 6 Best Berberine Supplements

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Berberine can be found in many different plants across the world. Berberine has been traditionally used for thousands of years in ancient medicine for its beneficial properties that range from wound healing, fever reducing and its sought ability to improve digestive issues, respiratory diseases and help resist microbial pathogens.

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best berberine supplements currently on the market.

1) Doctor Recommended Supplements Berberine Plus 1200mg

Each vegetable cellulose capsule contains 1200mg of berberine and 10mg of royal jelly.

The company did a good job formulating this product, partly because it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or artificial colors.

The company also states that this product is certified gluten-free, yeast-free, lactose-free, egg-free, and fish-free.

This product has been made in the USA and third party tested in a FDA registered laboratory which meets cGMP standards.

Doctor Recommended Supplements Berberine Plus 1200mg Per Serving is available on purchase on Amazon here.

2) Best Naturals Berberine Plus 1000mg/Serving 120 Capsules

When it comes to quality you want to choose products manufactured in a cGMP facility like this one.

Best Naturals Berberine Plus contains 1000 mg of Berberine, Zinc 30 mg & Vitamin C 120 mg per serving.

This product is cost-friendly considering there are a whopping 120 capsules per bottle.

Best Naturals Berberine Plus does not contain any artificial color, flavor or sweeteners, preservatives, sugar, starch, corn, egg, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish and sodium, making this product friendly for many diets.

Best Naturals Berberine Plus is available for purchase on Amazon here.

3) LiftMode Berberine HCL Extract Powder Supplement 500mg

This powder supplement contains 500mg of 98% HCI Berberine per dose.

LiftMode Berberine HCL Extract Powder Supplement does not contain any inactive ingredients, the company states that this product is also gluten-free.

LiftMode Berberine HCL Extract Powder Supplement is available for purchase on Amazon here.

4) Designs for health 400mg Berberine HCl Soft Gels

Many of us are unable to take tablets or big capsules however this product has been formulated in soft gels for easy ingestion.

Each soft gel contains 400mg of HCI Berberine in which is stored in a glass, opaque color to ensure freshness and nutrient viability.

The company has confirmed that this product is Non-GMO and contains no gluten, dairy or soy.

Designs for health 400mg Berberine HCl Soft Gels are available for purchase on Amazon here.

5) Thorne Research – Berberine-500

All thorne products contain high grade ingredients from the purest sources.

This product does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, corn, yeast, sugar or magnesium stearate like many other products.

The dose of two capsules contain HCI Berberine, calcium laureate, and 85% HCI berberine concentrate.

Thorne Research has confirmed that their manufacturing facility, warehouses, and shipping centers are inspected and have passed every inspection without issuance of an FDA Form 483.

Thorne Research – Berberine-500 is available for purchase on Amazon here.

6) We Like Vitamins 1200mg per Serving

This single ingredient formula contains a sufficient dose of 1200mg of Berberine HCI per 2 capsules.

There are 180 capsules in each bottle so this product has been considered cost friendly.

The company “We Like Vitamins” has confirmed that this product has undergone third party testing and is made in a registered GMP certified manufacturer to maintain consistency and quality control.

We Like Vitamins 1200mg per Serving is available for purchase on Amazon here.

Category Winners

Best Berberine Overall: DOCTOR RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS Berberine Plus

With over 1200mg per dose this product is sure to provide you with an adequate dose, the product is also shy of other unwanted ingredients or harmful fillers.

The supplement is in capsule form so you don’t have to worry about making a mess around the kitchen.

This product is easy, potent, and affordable making it the best overall product!

Best Berberine Supplement for Weight Loss: Best Naturals Berberine Plus 1000mg

There are studies regarding the effectiveness of berberine, however if you are seeking it solely for weight loss you want to choose a product that has other weight loss compounds.

Best Naturals Berberine Plus contains vitamin C which has been associated with lower body mass indices and many researchers believe it has the ability to promote weight loss.

Each dose of Best Naturals Berberine Plus contains 120mg of vitamin C which is considered a safe adequate dose.

Best Berberine Supplement for Controlling Blood Sugar: Designs for Health 400mg Berberine HCl Soft Gels

Berberine may offer support in maintaining blood sugar levels.

The product we found best for achieving this is “Designs for Health 400mg berberine”, this product is sure to provide you with an adequate dose.

Designs for Health is the physician’s choice for top quality professional strength supplements since 1989.

The product was manufactured using “Evail technology”, which is an all-natural formulation that improves the absorption and delivery of berberine.

Best Berberine Supplement for Heart Health: Thorne Research – Berberine-500

If you are looking for a supplement for heart health then this may be the one for you.
Thorne research has been involved in over 40 clinical studies regarding their products’ effects on hypertension.

One study found a Thorne multi-ingredient supplement to be safe and effective for maintaining healthy lipid levels, which may play a positive role in heart health.

This shows that the company focuses first hand on the effectiveness of their products.

Best Berberine Supplement for Digestive Health: We Like Vitamins 1200mg per Serving

If you suffer from poor gut health the last thing you want to do is take a product with fillers, dyes, or harmful ingredients, which all have been shown to play an adverse role in our overall gut health.

We Like Vitamins is a single ingredient product that is shy of any harmful ingredients or sugar that could potentially promote the growth of bad bacteria.

The company was not shy of using adequate dosages of berberine to ensure a potent product, measuring at 1200mg per dose.

What is Berberine?

Berberine is a chemical compound that is derived from a variety of plants, including Berberis vulgaris, Berberis aristata, Mahonia aquifolium.

When extracted berberine is an ammonium salt, in the same group of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids.

When Berberine is isolated it’s commonly formulated in a variety of supplements as an active ingredient.

Health Benefits of Berberine

Many benefits have been associated with the supplementation of Berberine supplements.
For decades it was used to treat intestinal infections, however in recent years research has suggested that it affects our body at a molecular level by lowering blood sugar, promoting weight loss and improving insulin resistance in various studies.

Many medical professionals have considered it just as effective as a pharmaceutical drug due to its ability to work quickly at a bio-active level, unlike most over-the-counter supplements.

Potential Side Effects of Berberine

There are some minor potential side effects of berberine related to digestion, but the good news is that berberine has a very good safety profile.

Some of the potential side effects of berberine include flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, and cramping.

When to Take Berberine

Berberine comes in a few different forms, powders, capsules and oral tinctures and all perform differently.

If you are taking the standard 500mg dose then it should be broken into 3 times per day, and taken half an hour before meals.

Recommended Berberine Dosage

A good general rule of thumb for taking a berberine supplement is 500mg per day.

How to Pick a High Quality Berberine Supplement


No matter the product you choose, it should be manufactured in a cGMP certified facility.

Choosing cGMP will ensure cleanliness, quality, and potency of the product, furthermore cGMP facilities are in direct correlation and regulated by the FDA.

Adequate Dosage

You need to take enough berberine to have it’s intended effect. 500mg is a pretty standard dose.

Brand Reputation

Since this product can be sourced from various locations across the world, you will want to choose a product that is safe, works effectively and has an overall positive brand reputation.

Choose a company that has received a high number of positive reviews regarding the communication of the company and the quality of the product.

The Takeaway

Berberine has some impressive health benefits and a good safety profile, so it’s worth trying out to see if it benefits your health.

We recommend Doctor Recommended Supplements Berberine Plus 1200mg but you really can’t go wrong with any of these berberine supplements.

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