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Julia Roe

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Clear, Science-Based Information

Tired of Supplement Shelf Overload? Get the Facts with CHR.

We analyze. You decide.

Welcome to Consumer’s Health Report!

Consumer’s Health Report is here to cut through the confusion and help you make informed decisions about your health supplements. We’re a team of passionate public health and nutrition experts who are as skeptical as you are.

Why We Do This:

Ever walk down the vitamin aisle feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. We created CHR because we were tired of seeing confusing claims and sky-high prices for supplements. We believe everyone deserves clear, science-based information – not empty promises.

Julia Row, Chief Reporter & Health Consultant

What Makes Us Different?

We ditch the hype. We dismiss unproven "miracle cures" and flashy marketing.
Instead, we focus on rigorous scientific analysis to uncover the truth about supplements.

Information backed by science

We report what works, what doesn't, and why.

We go beyond reading labels. We review popular supplements and analyze their contents, providing transparency to claims based on scientifically proven results from ingredients. 

Learn which supplements have ingredients that are backed by science. We do this to help consumers like you from spending money on supplements that do not have ingredients with proven results. 

We want you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being! Become educated and empowered in navigating the complex world of supplements.


We dig deep into the science behind each supplement, identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly.


We create a list of top-selling brands and put them to the test in independent labs.


Based on our research and lab tests, we create a ranking system to highlight the five safest and most effective supplements in each category. (You'll find a detailed explanation of our ranking system on every Top Five review page.)