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Welcome to Consumer’s Health Report!

We are a group of professionals who created a blog with the idea in mind of educating ourselves and the public as to which health supplements are the best on the market. As public health and nutrition experts, we at prefer to get our hands dirty and research what we pay for. Our explorative efforts might as well be productive, which is why we created this open blog for all to see.

At we test hundreds of products in an attempt to find the absolute best in nutrition supplements. We DO NOT review products which are based in pseudo-science and falsehoods, which rules out more supplements than you would think!

Most evidence points to the conclusion that these products are not only ineffective, but in many cases DANGEROUS as well! We pride ourselves on doing solid research through systematic SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS.

Our process of judging a supplement is divided into three stages:

  • open book
    We delve into the science of a particular supplement and find out which qualities to look for and WHICH TO AVOID.
  • flask
    We compile a list of the most popular brands and send them to our lab for a chemicalanalysis of theexact contents of each supplement.
  • stars ranking
    We devise a ranking system and find the five safest and most effective supplements. A description of our ranking system is found at the top of all Top Five review pages.
Top five probiotics 2022 bluebiology

Top Five Probiotics of 2023

Our Greatest Defense The single largest part of the human immune system is the microbiome along our gastrointestinal tract which is home to around 100 trillion microorganisms.

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Image of a person holding prebiotic grains
What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers, carbohydrates, and certain types of sugar that act as food for probiotic microorganisms that pass through the digestive system. By eating prebiotics or taking a prebiotic supplement, you can improve the balance of microflora in your

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