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We started in 2014 by reviewing probiotic supplements for ourselves.

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Julia Roe

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Let’s talk about how confusing shopping for health and supplement products has become. 

Welcome to your one-stop resource for navigating the ever-growing world of health products and supplement brands! At Consumers Health Report, you’ll find reliable, insightful, and clear evaluations without marketing hype. 

Our journey as a group of like-minded scientists started in 2014 as a way to organize and understand probiotic supplements to determine which product was the best of us. From there, we grew to evaluate other supplements and health products. 

Today, Consumers Health Report has reviewed dozens of brands and hundreds of products – with new reviews being published every month, along with articles about important and trending health topics.

We at CHR hope you find information that is helpful, and products that bring meaningful and positive change to your life.

Reporting on Today's Best Probiotic Brands

The following list showcases all the main brands we’ve reviewed so far. With a quick search or browse, you can find detailed information on specific brands and the supplements they offer. We empower you to make informed decisions by providing:

  • In-depth reviews: Dive deep into our detailed analyses of each brand’s product line.
  • Transparent breakdowns: Uncover ingredient lists, scientific backing, and potential side effects.
  • Unbiased evaluations: We prioritize science-based facts over flashy marketing claims.


Explore our product review listings below and empower yourself with knowledge!

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