Bio-K Plus Probiotic Supplement Capsules

Bio-K Probiotic Supplement

Bio-K Plus Probiotic Supplement Capsules are the capsule form of Bio-K’s probiotic blend, which is more typically packaged in yogurts, kefirs, or other food-like supplements. They include three strains of lactobacillus in enteric-coated capsules, and have whopping 50 billion CFU in each.

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What to expect from the strains

These strains are often associated with treating antibiotic related diarrhea, general bloating and discomfort, and overall immune health. They are the basic, down-to-business strains that are absolutely necessary for intestinal health, and as such users can expect regulated bowel movements and an overall improvement in immune function.

The Good

50 billion is a relatively high CFU count, although it is possible to get more from some higher-rated brands. With the lactobacillus focus, this is the probiotic we’d recommend for regulating bowel movements and general bathroom discomfort.

The Bad

Bio-K unfortunately lacks the diversity necessary to thoroughly populate the intestine and adequately support the body’s immune response. With only three strains, this remains a very basic probiotic and is unlikely to give users the results they would like.

How to Buy Bio-K

Bio-K are available online here on


CFU: 50 Billion…………..4.0

Strains: …………………..2.0

Living Cultures:…………..2.0

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