Top Five Vision Supplements

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This is where you will find only the brands which passed our lab’s quality analysis. Our quality analysis, which is our basic supplement screening process, simply filters product that do not meet the following criteria:

  • The supplement must contain at least 95% of the ingredient quantity claimed by its label (5% deterioration is the standard allowance for storage and delivery)
  • The supplement must contain NO IMPURITIES OR ADDITIVES

After the screening process, each product is graded according to additional criteria:

  • The Right Vitamins — Bioavailable Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These are the two most important ingredients for eye and vision health.
  • Effectiveness – we look for brands that include clinically proven, well-studied ingredients.
  • Potency – the amount of active ingredients within the supplement.
  • Price – self-explanatory, however it is important to remember that in most cases you get what you pay for.

#1 Eye Pro MD

by Be Whole

BE WHOLE Eye Pro MD is our top pick of 2021, and currently holds the number one spot for the best eye supplement.
This product is widely selected due to the broad range plant based formula. It’s been shown to work effectively at preserving eye function while preventing retinal damage caused from oxidative stress or light-induced damage.
Many others have favored this product because it has undergone third party testing, and is confirmed to be free of preservatives, artificial nutrients, soy, gluten and GMOs, while being produced in an all organic facility.
Our quality control team ran additional lab analysis on this product, and we were able to confirm these claims, along with finding this product to be free of any heavy metals.
Our results demonstrate this product to be safe and work effectively.
Many users have reported EYE PRO MD to improve eye health in just a matter of weeks, our team speculates that the results are obtained in a short amount of time due to omega-3 ALA being found in this product.
For the price this product cannot be beat, the company has not cut you short of a great working product despite the affordable price.

Overall Score: 4.6/5

Formula: 4.8/5

Effectiveness: 4.7/5

Potency: 4.8/5

#2 Neuroptene Eye Pressure Supplement

by Science-Based Health

Coming in at second place is Neuroptene Eye Pressure, this formula is simple but effective and is sure to give you the macular support you are seeking. This product contains ingredients that have been studied and shown to help various aspects of health, such as the enzymes found in this product which improve the way we absorb nutrients like beta-carotene that support vision. Neurotene Eye Pressure contains  CoQ10 that provides us with optic nerve relief and has also been shown to slightly lower blood pressure in clinical studies. This safe and effective formula consists of 6 natural ingredients niacinamide, CoQ10, saffron, bilberry, black currant, and grape seed extract.

Our team ran a second quality analysis on this product and we were able to confirm the listed ingredients. The results also indicate this product to be free of gluten, GMOs and heavy metals. Quick Specs: 6 ingredients,  NSF Certified, Certified Gluten Free and non-GMO

Overall Score: 4.6/5

Formula: 4.6

Effectiveness: 4.5

Potency: 4.6

#3 HylaVision Eye Support

by Hyalogic

Approaching eye care from a new angle, Hylavision utilizes hyaluronic acid as its primary active ingredient. There are many clinical studies emerging, which indicate the benefits of hyaluronic acid supplementation for dry eye disease.   Hyaluronic acid is a liquid which can act as a cushion or lubricant in joints and tissues and is sometimes used to replace natural fluids in the eye during surgery. The company, HylaVision did an excellent job incorporating other beneficial ingredients into this product such as beta-carotene in the form of vitamin A, and  Zeaxanthin. This comprehensive formula is considered ultra pure. Our results support this claim and found the hyaluronic acid to be of good quality. Our results indicate that the hyaluronic acid found in this product to be sourced from a non-animal source, thus making this product vegan. We also found this product to be free of gluten and sugar  so you no need to worry about spiking your blood pressure or feeling intolerant. This product is great for older individuals who need extra bone and joint support or those who have food allergies when it comes to preservatives or gluten.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Formula: 4.8

Effectiveness: 4.4

Potency: 4.4

#4 HealthyEyes

by Puritan’s Pride

If you are looking for a simple  formula that won’t break the bank, look no further because Puritan’s Pride Lutein soft gels are perfect for you.

The company, Puritans Pride kept things simple by only using one trademarked ingredient known as Lutigold. This compound consists of two ingredients- zeaxanthin and lutein.

This scientifically formulated product arrives in soft gel form. If you have a hard time swallowing big capsules there is no need to worry.

There are added ingredients in this product, however most are required for soft gel formulation. The additives pose little to no threat because they are in small amounts and stem from natural sources. 

Our lab analyst also found this product to be free of soy, gluten and heavy metals, our test also found this product to be viable and non-adulterated. 

Overall Score: 4.3/5

The Right Vitamins: 4.4/5

Effectiveness: 4.2/5

Potency: 4.5/5

#5 Ocutain

by Vitasciences

Peak performance also the company claims that this product has been third party tested, to ensure high potency and cleanliness. Our team analyzed this product and confirmed it to be free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial color, soy, dairy and gluten, making it a friendly formula for many of us with sensitivities or intolerances. The product contains less capsules than other competing brands, but is the same price as many others that contain 60 capsules instead of 30. Our test indicates that high quality ingredients were used in the manufacturing of this product and up to our quality standards.

Overall Score: 4.2/5

The Right Vitamins: 3.0/5

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Potency: 4.0/5