Nucific Bio-X4

Nucific Bio-X4

Nucific Bio-X4 is primarily marketed as a weight loss product. As a general rule, our researchers prefer probiotics that are pure, and not mixed with other ingredients or supplements. However, we were willing to look at the probiotic blend simply based on the popularity of probiotic weight loss products such as this. While this product as a whole may be fantastic, the probiotic strains themselves are what we’ll be rating in this review.

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What to expect from the strains

Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are both well studied strains that contribute to gut health, vaginal and urinary health, and immune function. With 4 billion CFU, some people may see results while others may not.

The Good

The live culture rate for these were surprisingly high. Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are excellent strains to add to your daily health routine.

The Bad

4 billion is a very low CFU count, far below what we recommend as the minimum effective dosage.  They also have very few strains.

How to Buy Nucific Bio X4

Nucific Bio-X4 is available on 


CFU: 4 Billion…………..1.5

Strains: …………………..2.5

Living Cultures:…………..3.5

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