Top Five Digestive Enzymes

This is where you will find only the brands which passed our lab’s quality analysis. Our quality analysis, which is our basic supplement screening process, simply filters product that do not meet the following criteria:

  • The supplement must contain at least 95% of the enzyme quantity claimed by its label (5% deterioration is the standard allowance for storage and delivery)
  • The supplement must contain NO IMPURITIES OR ADDITIVES

After the screening process, each product is graded according to additional criteria:

  • Source – there are three different sources of digestive enzymes: fruit, animal, and plant. Plant-sourced enzymes (typically from fungus) are reliably the strongest and most stable of the three sources. Still, blends are the best as each source addresses different health concerns.
  •  Enzyme diversity – there are various different enzymes, such as: proteases (which break down proteins), lipases (which break down fats), and carbohydrases (such as amylase, which break down carbohydrates). Finding a well-balanced supplement will promote overall nutrient absorption and general health.
  • Potency – the amount of digestive enzymes within the supplement; measured in mg, USP units, and GDU.
  • Price – self-explanatory, however it is important to remember that in most cases you get what you pay for.


#1 NOW Foods Super Enzymes

Overall Score: 4.3/5NOWenz

Source: Triple Blend

Enzyme Diversity: 4/5


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#2 Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes

Overall Score: 4.2/5Sourceenz

Source: Triple Blend

Enzyme Diversity: 4/5

Potency: 4.5/5

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#3 Life Extension Enhanced Super Digestive Enzyme

Overall Score: 4.1/5lifeenz

Source: Triple Blend

Enzyme Diversity:4.25/5


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#4 Supreme Enzymes

Overall Score: 4/5supreme enz

Source: Triple Blend

Enzyme Diversity:4/5

Potency: 4/5

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