Best Chlorella Supplements

Whether you are looking to normalize body functions, detox the body or just seeking a nutrient dense supplement, Chlorella may be for you.

This broad range supplement has been sought to have the ability to improve cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure. Some studies have even suggested that it helps rid the body of harmful toxins.

We did the research to find the best chlorella supplements, which you’ll find below.

1) Sunlit Supplements Chlorella Tablets

Sunlit Chlorella Tablets are 100% Chlorella.

Each 250mg tablet contains dense amounts of nutrients that consist of 61% protein, amino acids, a variation of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

The company states that this product is produced in a GMP, HACCP food safety certified environment and is third party laboratory-tested and contains no detectable impurities or bacteria.

This product is preservative free, organic, non GMO and contains no artificial color.

Sunlit Chlorella is available for purchase on Amazon here.

2) Anthony’s Organic Chlorella Powder

Anthony’s Organic Chlorella Powder is rich in chlorophyll with a broken cell wall for easy digestion and is blendable with smoothies and juices.

The company claims the product is certified batch-tested gluten-free, USDA certified organic and has been on Amazon since December 14, 2017.

The 3 gram dose can be mixed with juices, smoothies and even mixed on food.

Anthony’s Organic Chlorella Powder is available on Amazon.

3) Biotics Research Chlorella Capsules

According to Biotics research, all products are gluten-free and all ingredients undergo testing to ensure purity and potency.

Biotics Research Chlorella Capsules are gluten, dairy and GMO free.

Each dose contains 1.3 grams of Chlorella.

This product contains naturally-occurring vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, B12, Iron and Chlorophyll, and 1.25 g of Chlorella per capsule.

Biotics Research is available for purchase on Amazon.

4) NOW Supplements Organic Chlorella 500 mg

With 3 grams of broken cell wall chlorella per capsule and 200 tablets per bottle this product is sure to help boost your daily vitamin and phytonutrient intake.

NOW Supplements Organic Chlorella claims to be USDA Certified Organic, NON- GMO Project Verified, and holds an A-rated GMP certification.

NOW Supplements Organic Chlorella 500 is available on Amazon.

5) MicroIngredients Superfoods Organic Chlorella Powder

This broken cell wall Chlorella powder claims to have a fresh smell, and to be harvested from non-contaminated water.

The company states that each scoop contains 3 grams of heat treated non-irradiated Chlorella which is also gluten-free, kosher, USDA organic, additive and soy free.

MicroIngredients Superfoods Organic Chlorella Powder is available on Amazon.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a single-celled algae that contains a wide range of concentrated vitamins and minerals, which are considered essential to the human body. (1)

The algae plant is dried and supplemented into a variety of supplements.

Many of these products will vary significantly depending on how they were cultivated, harvested, and processed for supplements.

Chlorella is commonly grown in Japan and Taiwan however it is commonly available in the U.S. and manufactured in CGMP certified facilities across the country.

Health Benefits of Chlorella

There are many health benefits due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities and dense nutrient content, including carotenoids, chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

In addition to the positive properties Chlorella produces a molecule known as “lutein”which has been proved to prevent macular degeneration.

Chlorella extract has shown promising effects of lowering cholesterol, lower blood pressure, speed up wound healing, and improvements of the immune system.

Many studies suggest that chlorella may even have the capability to relieve symptoms and improve the lifestyle of individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia, hypertension and ulcerative colitis (UC).

Cholesterol Benefits

Controlled studies conclude that daily consumption of Chlorella may improve serum lipid profile by boosting the body’s carotenoid concentration for individuals who suffer from high blood pressure. (1)

Other compounds found in Chlorella may also help lower cholesterol:

Antioxidants: May help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and help fight against free radicals

Niacin: This B vitamin may raise your HDL, “good”, cholesterol and lower LDL “bad” cholesterol levels by by 10% – 25%. (2)

Fiber: Insoluble fibers have been shown to produce SCFAs which work as a cholesterol-lowering agent. (3)

Blood Pressure

Research suggests that GABA-rich chlorella has been shown to significantly decrease high-normal blood pressure and borderline hypertension.


Chlorella’s nutrient content could potentially promote endurance, however many have claimed it improves energy levels, promotes liver health and aids in digestion.

Eye Health

Chlorella is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin.

These two carotenoids that help protect the eye and have been associated with lowering the risk of macular degeneration. (4)


Researchers have looked at the potential effects and impact of Chlorella on anxiety and depression separately, they observed that it had a positive effect on both aspects. (5)

Ulcerative Colitis

Some research indicates chlorella may be beneficial for people who have UC but more research on the topic is needed. (6)

Immune Health

Studies have confirmed supplementation of Chlorella enhances the NK cell activity and produces interferon- γ and interleukin-12 which has shown to provide immune support. (7)


A 1995 clinical study that consisted of 23 patients with borderline hypertension patients were given 1.5g of chlorella daily for 6 months.

The subject questionnaire answered by the group indicated that there was a reduction of hypertension-related symptoms and overall improvements in the general condition. (8) (9)


A recent blind study of supplementation of Chlorella for three months found improvements in FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) while the study subjects were taking the chlorella. (10) (11)


Animal studies have found that the carotenoids found in chlorella extract pronounced antitumor effects in both spontaneous and experimentally induced metastasis in mice. (12)

More human research needs to be conducted for sufficient evidence on cancer in human patients. (12) (13) (14)


In some instances, chlorella has been shown to onset and cause allergic reactions and adverse side effects depending on the user.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to speak to your physician if you are pregnant or nursing.

Potential Side Effects of Chlorella

Chlorella has been thought to be safe if taken orally for a couple of months, however, users have reported having allergic reactions, which may have led to breathing problems in some people.

Other users have reported bloating, feeling fatigued, green-colored stools, nausea, and stomach cramps.

Be sure to speak with your health care physician before supplementing with chlorella to avoid any underlying health issues.

Chlorella could interact with other medications you might be taking so it is crucial to speak with a licensed physician.

What to Look for in a Chlorella Supplement

There are several species of chlorella. Pyrenoidosa chlorella supplements are recommended because they’re the most studied and have been found to be more nutrient-dense. Pyrenoidosa has a higher concentration of essential vitamins and amino acids.

Look for a product that contains a sufficient dose, a good place to start is by choosing a product that is above 250mg per dose.

Consider a chlorella product that has a broken cell wall, as this will ensure that the body is able to absorb the beneficial compounds found within the chlorella.

Be sure to choose a product that is third-party tested to ensure there are no contaminants or toxins in the chlorella.

Choose a product that is sold domestically and one that is manufactured and processed in a cGMP certified facility.

Cracked wall Chlorella

Chlorella has hard cell walls and a high fiber content that our bodies are unable to digest as a whole food.

When the cell wall barrier is broken through a process known as “cell disruption“ the human body is able to absorb beneficial compounds that chlorella has to offer.

Overall, this increases the absorption of the Chlorella and more benefits may be hosted according to science.

Chlorella supplements that have undergone this process will come in powder, extracts, or capsules that have undergone the process.


During the manufacturing of chlorella, ingredients may be added to adulterate the process to be cost-effective. Look for chlorella products that are organic.

Avoid Contaminants/Any Harmful Additives

One should avoid any chlorella supplements that are not manufactured in a certified GMP facility.

The whole sourced chrolleralla plant may have been grown in contaminated bodies of water and even toxic in some cases so third-party testing is essential no matter the chlorella supplement.

Avoid any products that contain harmful ingredients and try to aim for organic to ensure that no pesticides or harmful additives were used in the process.

Differences Between Chlorella and Spirulina

Biologically speaking there are many differences between these two plants.

Chlorella is classified as algae and eukaryote which are complex plants with chromosomes and different cell structures.

While on the other hand, spirulina is classified as a prokaryote which is unlike other living cells due to a lack of a nucleus that is surrounded by a membrane.

Both of these plants are highly nutritious and contain a broad-spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, however, chlorella is more abundant. (15)

How Much Chlorella You Should Take and When

Consumers have reported noticing benefits from 2-5 grams of chlorella daily.

Doctors and nutritionists have suggested that 3-5 grams or 10-12 tablets per day, however, the optimal dose remains unknown and will vary with each product.

The best time to take chlorella is in the morning before meals and with a glass of water for best results. (16)


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