The Top 6 Best Tongkat Ali Supplements

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This ancient herbal supplement has been recently recognized for its sought ability to improve low testosterone, male fertility, improve anxiety, boost athletic performance and even increase muscle mass.

We know that not all supplements are created equal, so we scoured the options on the market to determine the top best tongkat ali supplements.

1) Double Wood Supplements Tongkat Ali Extract

This product is great because it only consists of two main ingredients; tongkat ali extract and tribulus terrestris fruit extract.

Each servings contains 1000mg of tongkat ali and 200mg of tribulus terrestris extract, together the two compounds are sought to improve testosterone levels in older individuals.

Double Wood Supplements state that this product is made in the USA and tested for heavy metals.

This product is made with non-GMO ingredients and is certified gluten-free.

Double Wood Supplements Tongkat Ali Extract 200 to 1 is available for purchase on Amazon here.

2) Nusa Pure Longjack Tongkat Ali 900mg

If you are looking for a clean product then this one may be for you. Their formula is free of extraneous fillers, binders and artificial ingredients.

Each dose contains 900mg of Non-GMO tongkat ali, the company claims that their method of extraction ensures 3% or higher eurycomanone content.

Nusa Pure has confirmed that this product is gluten-free and assembled in the USA.

Nusa Pure Longjack Tongkat Ali 900mg is available for purchase on Amazon here.

3) Pure Organic Longjack Tongkat Ali

This is a great cost-effective option for a tongkat ali supplement because each bottle contains a whopping 365 capsules. Each dose contains a sufficient amount of tongkat ali, at 1,520mg per dose.

Pure Organic claims that this product is manufactured in the USA and there are no stearates or rice fillers are found in it.

This product is non-GMO and gluten-free.

Pure Organic Longjack Tongkat Ali is available for purchase on Amazon here.

4) Swanson Tongkat Ali 400 Milligrams 120 Capsules

If you are looking for a moderate dose of tongkat ali then this could be the product for you. Each capsule contains 400mg of the eurycoma longifolia jack, with no additives, dyes, or fillers.

In addition to the simple, but effective formula, this product has also been manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and has undergone third-party testing to ensure a safe product of quality, cleanliness, and potency.

The company Swanson has been around since 1969. By the year 1980 the company was manufacturing 100 products.

Swanson Tongkat Ali is available for purchase on Amazon here.

5) Logic Nutra Maximum Strength Longjack 200:1 Tongkat Ali 500 mg

This is another good option if you’re on a budget.

Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules that contain 500mg of tongkat ali extract, which has been certified gluten-free.

Logic Nutra has received numerous promising reviews regarding this product, and is considered trusted by many.

Logic Nutra Maximum Strength Longjack 200:1 Tongkat Ali is available for purchase on Amazon here.

6) Force Factor Longjack Tongkat Ali for Men

This product contains two active ingredients, selenium, and longjack tongkat ali. It also contains BioPerine extract, which is a black pepper substance used in supplements to increase absorption into the body.

A dose contains 50mcg of selenium, 500mg of tongkat ali and 5mg of Bioperine.

Force Factor states that this product is manufactured in a cGMP facility in the USA.

Force Factor Longjack Tongkat Ali for Men is available for purchase on Amazon here.

Category Winners

Best for Those on a Budget

Pure Organic Longjack Tongkat Ali contains 365 capsules per bottle making it the most cost-friendly product.

Best Overall

NusaPure Longjack Tongkat Ali ranked #1 for the best overall product considering it contains a significant dose of active tongkat ali extract, and the company claims to manufacture this product with no harmful ingredients.

Best for Sexual Performance

Force Factor Longjack Tongkat Ali for Men is the best product for sexual performance, the company was sure to add Bioperine to increase the absorption of the tongkat ali.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Longjack or Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement that is derived from the Eurycoma longifolia shrub, which is native to Southeast Asia.

Tongkat Ali has adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties that may help one adapt to reduced energy, decreased mood, improved libido, increased testosterone levels, and help one adapt to aging.

Research suggests that its profound health benefits stem from various compounds found in the root such as flavonoids, alkaloids, and other compounds that mimic the role of antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Recent studies have shown properly-standardized Tongkat Ali to stimulate release of free testosterone, improve sex drive, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being.

Other research has even determined this herbal supplement to host anti-aging properties stemming from its strong antioxidant properties.

This ancient herb has also been used traditionally to treat fevers, lower blood pressure, strengthen bones.

Tongkat Ali also has great adaptogenic benefits that may have the ability to reduce stress through a variety of mechanisms.

Here’s a deeper look:


A recent study provides strong evidence that Tongkat Ali is a potent stimulator of sexual arousal, although this study was conducted using male rats, many researchers suggest it may improve libido in both males and female humans. (1)

Muscle Mass

There is a lack of human studies showing the increase of muscle mass with supplementation of tongkat ali. However, researchers have confirmed that tongkat ali increases testosterone which has been directly associated with increased muscle protein synthesis. (2)

Mood & Stress

Human trials have indicated that those who consume standardized tongkat ali root extract not only had a greater sense of well-being but reported improved stress resilience, heightened energy, mood and reduced fatigue. (3)

Stress Hormones

An ongoing study found that daily supplementation of tongkat ali root extract (200mg per day) improved the stress hormone profile by lowering cortisol, increasing testosterone, and lowered tension, anger, and confusion. (4)

Increased Testosterone

Men and women both will reach their peak testosterone levels between the ages of 25-30 years old.

After the age of 30 testosterone levels begin to rapidly decrease approximately 1-2% percent yearly.

By the age 60 levels are approximately 50% lower than previous years.

Stress, poor diet and sleep patterns have also been shown to negatively impact one’s testosterone levels.

Researchers have now found that Euycoma, the main component of Tongkat Ali contains a small group of peptides known as “eurpeptides” which have shown to have direct effects on improving ones energy and sex drive.

Other evidence has shown Eurycoma peptides stimulate release of free testosterone from its binding proteins and improve overall hormone profiles.

There is a lack of clinical evidence showing the effectiveness of tongkat ali for its aphrodisiac properties in humans, however medical professionals have advocated this herbal remedy as a good candidate due to its known direct effect on hormone profiles. (4)

Tongkat Ali Recommended Dosage

No matter the supplement one should start slow to see how their body will react to its compounds and ingredients.

If you are wanting to take Tongkat Ali to increase sexual desire then its recommended to start with 300mg.

Studies have shown 50-100 mg/day of tongkat ali extract to help restore normal testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali has been considered safe when taking in 200-400mg a day for healthy adults. (4)

How to Pick a High Quality Tongkat Ali Supplement

Just like any supplement you will want to make sure it’s a good one, be sure to consider the following to ensure you not only get a bang for your buck, but a supplement that is safe and works effectively.

Here’s what to consider:


No matter the product you choose, it should be manufactured in a cGMP certified facility, this will ensure cleanliness, quality, and potency of the product.

cGMP certified facilities must follow standards set by the FDA.

Domestically Manufactured

Choosing a domestically manufactured product will decrease your risk of getting a product that is expired. Furthermore the USA has stricter guidelines than other countries when it comes to cleanliness and potency.

Brand Reputation

Choose a well known company, preferably choose a company that has many positive reviews, this will typically indicate the effectiveness of the product.

Adequate Dosage

Many companies will not only mass produce their products but actually cut them short of the recommended dosage.

Under-dosed products can result in little to no benefits.

Choose a product that contains at least 150mg of active tongkat ali per dose.

Potential Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

There is a lack of data on safety and side effects of tongkat ali. however when the recommended dose is exceeded some users have reported feelings of insomnia and irritability.

A possible safety concern is the quality of the product, many products are sold as “Tongkat Ali” however only contain small amounts of it. And because supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, they can potentially contain harmful ingredients.

Avoid this problem by only purchasing from reputable vendors that have positive feedback and by double-checking the ingredient list. Be sure to consider the inactive ingredients as well.


This ancient herb has promising benefits, researchers strongly suggest it could potentially improve one’s quality of life through a variety of mechanisms that include improved blood pressure, increased testosterone and improved mood.

Currently more research is being conducted but for now, there is at least some evidence indicating that tongkat ali has some health benefits.

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