Member’s Mark Probiotic Plus Prebiotic

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Member’s Mark

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Member’s Mark Probiotic plus Prebiotic comes in convenient packets that are designed to dissolve in the mouth directly. The strains included in this probiotic supplement — Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacterium longum BB536 — are two of the rare strains that may be able to survive the stomach acid and continue on the populate the gut, even without the proper capsule. Typically an enteric coated capsule is the accepted method of delivery, to ensure the strains survive until they reach the stomach acid. However, since this product only has two strains that are acid resistant, the delivery method of a dissolving packet should still be effective.

What to expect from the strains

Lactobacillus rhamnosus gg is one of the most studied strains, and is especially well-known for use in cases of hard-to-treat bacterial vaginosis, or BV. Bifidobacterium Longum is believed to be one of the earliest colonizers of the human intestinal tract, and is used at prescription level to treat ulcerative colitis. However, there’s only 3 billion cells in these packets at the time of manufacture, so the pathogenic-fighting effect will be greatly diminished.

The Good

Easy-to-take packets offer those who can’t swallow pills an option for getting low doses of acid-resistant probiotic strains into their digestive systems, and it’s prebiotic fiber may boost the effectiveness. Sold at Sam’s Club, it’s easily accessible and has a low price.

The Bad

Member’s Mark Probiotic plus Prebiotic simply does not contain enough probiotics to assure a difference in digestive or overall immune health. It has less than a third of the lowest recommended dose at only 3 billion CFU.

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How to Buy Member’s Mark Probiotic plus Prebiotic

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CFU: ………………………2.0

Strains: 2…………………..2.5

Living Cultures:…………..3.5

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Meet the Editor

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